Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is There An Ab Belt Scam Going On?

One of the deciding factors for any consumer before purchase is if the product actually works and delivers results. When you browse around for any product review or ab belt review on the internet you must have noticed the search engine results that spell SCAM or DO NOT BUY BEFORE etc...

In all fairness there is a lot of junk out there. There are many useless websites that don't add any value or present a customer or a unique viewpoint.

I know from experience that ab belts are not a scam. However, it depends on the manufacturer and what your goals are.

The brands that I know are not a scam are:
  1. The Flex Belt
  2. The Contour Belt
  3. Slendertone Belt
Why? Because these are EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) belts and they simply work because they mimic what goes on in your body if you were to do real exercises like sit-ups.

Here are few cool ab exercises. I picked the hard ones ;)

Now let's talk about the goals that people think they can achieve with these ab toning belts. I don't blame anyone for believing that these belts can do miracles after seeing an infomercial or watching an ad on TV.

These are usually very well crafted in a way to SUGGEST that you will lose weight with the use of abdominal belt.

It all happens in the mind when we watch these commercials. We see those models with their slim and muscular bodies and hence we associate that we will also achieve the same results.

Now don't get me wrong. You absolutely CAN achieve the same results. Just not with an ab toning belt alone.

That's why you briefly see a disclaimer flashing by or the ab belts have some kind of diet plan or schedule. Because the only thing that works is eating less. I know this from first hand experience. When you combine eating less with some exercise you can move mountains so to speak. It just works hand in hand.

So to sum it up. Ab belts work and the best one out there is simply The Flex Belt, because it has more power and more programs then any other ab toning belt system out there. But, the Contour and the Slendertone also work. Just not as effective.

You can read more about The Flex Belt and if it works here
This is a site I came across looking for a SCAM :) It is from a guy called Marcel Baine and he really goes into explaining his experience in great length and depth.

If you are looking for a more factual and detailed review please go and have a look at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get A Lean Physique With Improved Muscle Tone and Less Fat

Achieving a proportional weight for your body is less about the numbers on a scale and more about vibrant health and total well-being.  The tips provided in this article can help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

1. Begin a well-rounded fitness program, incorporating aerobic and weight-bearing exercises. Aerobic exercise is incredibly important to enhancing cardio-pulmonary fitness, burning fat and increasing stamina. Many dieters forget the weight-bearing exercises which are integral to developing longer, leaner muscles that promote flexibility and foster long-term weight loss.

2. Rely on snapshots, not just the scales, to track progress. Watching the scales move up and down has defeated many a dieter when serious progress was actually being made. Take snapshots of your entire body - front and side views - to uncover the total picture of progress. Lean muscle weighs more than fat, so your scale may not show changes week to week, but changes in your body will be readily apparent.

3. Incorporate more lean protein and fiber in your diet, but minimize the refined carbohydrates. Lean proteins come in many forms, including lean meats, low fat dairy and supplements like soy and whey protein powders. Push yourself to get the 25 grams of recommended daily fiber intake through whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Limit your intake of sugar and refined "empty" carbs that offer little nutrition. Instead, focus on foods like brown rice, whole wheat pasta and legumes.

4. Support groups can be a wonderful asset to your diet program. You cannot underestimate the value of a good support system when you are making significant lifestyle changes. Family and friends are very important, but there is no substitute for a community of like-minded persons plowing the same path that you are. Support programs offer you insight, meal and snack ideas, and help to hold you accountable to yourself when you might be faltering. Local support groups exist in most communities but good options also exist online.

5. Consider taking a high quality multivitamin to enhance your nutrition while dieting. You will be placing a lot of demands on your body, so you want to be certain you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.  Additional supplements such as calcium and fish oil may also be appropriate after consultation with your physician.

Utilizing the information presented in this article, along with your own common sense, will soon have you on the path to losing weight and achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Useful Fitness Tips For The Busy Woman

Many women today are busy with their family, their work and everything in between. Unfortunately, many of them let exercise fall to the back burner. Exercising is very important to a woman's health and should be a part of their life whether you are busy or not. Exercise gives women energy and better sleep. It also helps women to feel better about themselves and gives confidence. If you are a busy woman who is looking for a way to add exercise to your life the following article can help.

Exercise is very important and should not be shoved to the side. Just as you would any other important activity in your life, schedule in your exercise. I know, you are probably asking, "But where?" Do you have a break at work? Or maybe you would rather exercise during your lunch hour? Some women even like to get up early and do their exercise routine first thing in the morning.

Exercise with your family. When you are planning to spend quality time with your family, instead of doing a sedentary activity, do something physical. There are a lot of fun physical activities that families can do together. You and your family can play a fun game of basketball, soccer, volleyball or any other game your family likes. If your family likes to ride bikes, go on a bike ride. You could also take a hike at your favorite park.

Purchase a gym membership. Gyms are great places for busy moms to work out. There are many options at most gyms. If you want to run on the treadmill, you can do that at the gym. Or maybe you want to take an aerobics class.

Exercise in shorter sessions. If you find yourself with 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there, use that time to sneak in some cardio exercise. If you have a break at work, you can take a walk, do some jumping jacks, run in place or walk up the stairs, or anything that gets your heart pumping. Research shows that three 10 minute sessions of cardio are just as good as one 30 minute session. You can also leave dumbbells or other exercise equipment at work. When you find a few minutes in your day, do an exercise. Exercising during your work day not only helps get you into shape, it will also give you the much needed energy you need to get through the rest of your day.

Here is video on how to do jumping jacks:

Set realistic goals. If you are not a runner, do not tell yourself that you will run a 5K in two weeks. It will take some time to build up to that. You know you need to add exercise, but do not make a goal to exercise two hours a day if you know that is impossible. Make goals that you can reach and you will be more likely to work towards them.

Staying in shape can pose a challenge for busy women. The advice in this article can help you easily add more physical activities into your daily life.